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How Granular Widget Targeting Can Lead to Revenue Revolution

It’s no secret that advertisers are being pushed to find more innovative ways of bringing potential customers to their sites.

In a constantly pivoting industry, it’s important that these organizations can rely on a system that channels high quality traffic to landing pages. In a sea full of content marketing platforms, 

how do you know which is best? 

Well, the vendor that provides a way of increasing quality traffic to publisher sites becomes king. 

Granular widget targeting lies at the base of companies like this. Having a way of filling widget spaces with quality content is paramount in a volatile industry. Granular targeting allows advertisers to pinpoint the bids that are producing best, so they can tailor their approach to target these areas. 

The Image above shows advertisers utilizing custom bids to streamline their native advertising.

A great example of this in action would be Revcontent. When an advertiser utilizes Revcontent’s powerful solution, it puts control, access, and ease in the palm of your hand. 

Revcontent allows advertisers to streamline their budgets toward widget spots that are producing at the highest level. Over time, more widget traffic is allotted to the advertisers as they target the specific publisher pages they’d like their content displayed on. 

Simply put, as impressions come back, Revcontent’s sophisticated software details analytics that help you target your highest producing widgets. Overtime revenue increases as these high producing widgets are discovered; leading to a revenue revolution. 

In the words of Revcontents Director of Operations Chris Higgins, “Bid by widget gives you complete granular control over where your ads appear as well as the ability to set the perfect CPC to deliver the highest ROI possible.” 

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And the boost in revenue doesn’t just end with the advertiser. The publisher in turn receives higher quality recommendations on their site. This leads to readers staying on pages longer and clicking on more content. It’s a win-win for all parties. 

Granular widget targeting is the future of native advertising. The organizations that utilize this technology hold the key to their revenue revolution. 

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