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Hubspot writes that one of the best ways for publishers to increase engagement is to provide “additional content suggestions related to what readers have already consumed.” But one of the fastest ways to drive your audience away is low-quality content recommendations.

Low-quality content (sponsored or not) can quickly tarnish your brand’s reputation and turn away your audience. When your audience is looking for an engaging piece of content, our predictive algorithms will deliver content aligned with what our machine learning deduced as  something they’d find interesting. We use thousands of data points to create custom tailored content recommendation that will not only maximize user engagement but also drive a high, sustainable revenue stream for your brand. Our algorithms and technology give publishers the tools to scale revenue while building trust with their audience and protecting their brand.

When our partners take the time to work with our team to build out custom widget solutions, we make sure user experience is at the forefront of our decision making. Our intuitive UI gives our publishing partners 100% control over their widget functionality, aesthetics and most importantly, user experience. With custom domain blacklisting and sophisticated content blocking that allows partners to restrict content on a broad or granular level, publishers have full control over the type of sponsored content their readers see.

Take a look at how our technology offers complete control to every advertiser and publisher.

Custom Blocking Solutions

Publishers can set custom content restrictions to ensure certain types of content don’t deliver to their audience. With varying degrees of ad quality control that range from blocking a specific categorical topic down to a specific campaign image, content can be restricted on a high level or a granular level.

Our publishers can access their content restriction management right through their Revcontent login to ensure their audience only sees content aligned with the overall message and brand identity of their site.

content restrictions

Domain Blacklisting

If users aren’t engaging with a type of content from a particular domain, that website can easily be blacklisted. For whatever the reason users don’t enjoy it, publishers can block websites from appearing on their widgets.

Not only can publishers control what appears on their site, users play a role in what does and does not appear. Content that users don’t interact with will naturally be filtered out by the algorithm and replaced with more engaging content.

domain blacklist

Working with Revcontent gives partners complete control over every aspect of their site. No ad ever appears without their control to blacklist it. It’s our goal to create and maintain engaging user experience while offering full brand protection and maximum revenue. Revcontent’s technology allows publishers to block specific sites, restrict varying types of content, and optimize their widgets to show content that aligns with the overall identity of their properties. With a multitude of proprietary quality control tools, Revcontent publishing partners can rest easy with maintained brand integrity on every impression delivered to end users. Current publishers, contact your rep for a walk through of Revcontent’s publisher blacklisting controls.

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Powering 250 billion content recommendations per month, Revcontent is the fastest growing network and reaches 97% of US households, according to Quantcast. To learn more about Revcontent’s Quality Control Tools,  sign up or visit our website.

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