Revcontent Employee Spotlight: Chris Maynard, Chief Product Officer

Welcome back to Revcontent’s Employee Spotlight! This week, we sat down with Chris Maynard, Chief Product Officer at Revcontent.

1.) What does a typical day look like for a Chief Product Officer?


Everyday is a focus on product innovation, from working directly with the engineering team, coordinating plans and goals with executive and publishing leaders – pushing our products forward is always the goal. Most days involve planning and helping transform ideas into actual deployed products and then making sure the value of those projects are being realized. We have daily scrum meetings on the development teams where we discuss project progress and any roadblocks I can help remove. Every once in a while I still get to do a little coding and debugging which I enjoy.


2.) How does your job benefit publishers and advertisers?


My day to day might be focused on the execution of ideas and projects but the overall goal is to help our clients and end users. My role benefits publishers and advertisers by finding opportunities to make our products better for them, identifying industry trends and market fit plays into our planning sessions. We always keep in mind that our business goals are to meet the business goals of both our publishers and advertisers, and another dimension to this is the end users.


3.) Are there any major projects or events that you are looking forward to in the upcoming months?


We’re really excited about our Engage.im social tools, we’re creating a distributed social network for our publishers and allowing them to create micro communities on their sites. Giving users a place to engage in topics, share comments and reactions, bookmark and so much more. It’s really exciting to see the growth we’ve had with these social tools and is inspiring us to dig deeper into this much-needed space of social community building from within publisher sites.


4.) What is the most rewarding or challenging aspect of your role?


The most rewarding and challenging aspect of my role is watching and contributing to our growth. When we first started out I remember watching us grow from 0-100, and then 100- 10000, users per minute, and it was so exciting and then very scary! We had to scale, and we had to do it quick, luckily we have one of the most talented engineering and DevOps team I’ve ever encountered. Our networks have so many interesting technologies at play, and it’s amazingly fun to be a part of what we are doing.


5.) What is one differentiator for Revcontent’s technology?


One key differentiator for Revcontent’s technology I would say is fluidness, we’ve been able to adapt to all types of different needs. We have many applications and services running to keep our networks in place and operational, throughout the years we have learned how to make them super relevant to all types of traffic, but also we’ve planned in ways to make them adaptable to change. We took a service-based approach to most of our architecture and this helps us compartimize functionalities and reuse them for many different projects or needs. We’ve always been able to make these changes quickly and that has really helped us stay at the forefront of the market when it comes to innovation. We’re not scared of change, we embrace and love it!

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