Revcontent Continues Focus on Control and Transparency with the Development of Interest Targeting

revcontent interest targeting

As the first content recommendation network to develop many technology innovations such as audience retargeting and the first user interest personalization tool, Revcontent is again the first to create Interest Targeting.

With a level of hypergranularity comparable to Facebook or Twitter, Revcontent built Interest Targeting at the request of brands and media companies. Interest Targeting is a hypergranular tool that offers unparalleled levels of control, transparency, and customization. Revcontent Interest Targeting allows brands and advertisers to target based on granular interests; for example, Home – Family – Pregnancy – Baby Names. Connecting brands to users with even more precision, Interest Targeting increases engagement with over 3,000 interests available for targeting.


From Our Partners

Solutions Wide, long-term strategic partner, said, “Revcontent’s technology has been pivotal in helping grow our audience and reach new users around the web. The Interest Targeting tool is a total game changer that gives us an unheard of level of granularity and customization that will enable us to scale our reach and engagement to new heights.”

“Revcontent’s Interest Targeting will be a pivotal new tool that will allow us to take our content to new heights. The ability to target specific users based on the content they actually care about and are engaging with allows us to tailor our campaigns to maximize our native advertising effectiveness and eliminate inefficiencies, allowing us to scale ROI and further our reach.” – Oxford Club


Powering 250 billion content recommendations per month, Revcontent is the fastest growing content recommendation network and reaches 97% of US households, according to Quantcast. To learn more about Revcontent’s Interest Targeting, sign up or visit our website.  

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