New AutomaticRev Program Guarantees 50% Revenue Uplift for Media Publishers

AutomaticRev Revcontent Guaranteed Revenue Program

SARASOTA (August 10, 2018) – In order to help media publishers meet their revenue goals more consistently, Revcontent today announced a new program called AutomaticRev ‘Revenue you can depend on’ which offers a 50 percent guaranteed uplift in revenue for Revcontent’s adfeed product compared to other content recommendation feeds.

The AutomaticRev guarantee program allows publishers to increase revenue with the same ad placements and ad quality, but with automatic “revenue you can depend on.”

“In today’s media landscape, publishers need sources of revenue that they can depend on,” said John Lemp, Revcontent CEO and Founder. “When other networks decided to scale back the amount of revenue guarantees they were willing to give out, or simply rob media publishers of the revenue potential with extremely low guarantees, we heard from many of the CEOs and CROs of those companies who said they are looking for a partner that is different, one that is willing to stand by their product and is willing to guarantee that their partners are not being robbed of a single dollar in potential revenue.”

Typically, Revcontent has paid out 97 percent of deals on a revenue share model, but the new AutomaticRev program will allow publishers who switch to Revcontent to have a guaranteed revenue floor of up to 50% higher than other networks like Taboola and Outbrain in an apples-to-apples test.

“Publishers want to grow revenue while also providing the best user experience for their audience,” Lemp said. “Guaranteed deals from other networks have locked publishers into low long-term, low revenue deals and have limited the ability for publishers to improve the quality and locations of ads. We invite all publishers to test Revcontent for 90 days, where we promise to improve revenue with a better user experience.”

By focusing on the user experience, Revcontent is able to deliver higher quality, more personalized content to users in a non-intrusive manner, which actually helps performance and earns publishers higher revenue.

This AutomaticRev guarantee give piece of mind to publishers who are tired of inconsistent performance and low quality ads served by other networks. Revcontent is the only content recommendation network to receive an endorsement for ad quality from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation for removing sexually explicit and objectifying content from the entire network.

“We know that people are skeptical of hollow promises. That is why we decided to guarantee this revenue uplift by offering a no strings attached 90-day trial for publishers who switch to Revcontent,” Lemp said.

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