How to Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

How to Improve Your Landing Page conversion rates

Your landing page is your opportunity to turn your prospects into leads. This allows you to gain more information about your audience so you can continually meet their needs. Here are a few tips that can help you optimize your landing pages so you can boost your conversion rates.

Focus on one specific CTA

Your call-to-action is one of the most important aspects of your landing page. Whether it’s getting users to read your blog post, subscribe to your newsletter or sign up for your services, your CTA is the key to getting users to take action. It’s important to ensure that your CTA is clear with a focus on one specific goal. This should stand out on your landing page and should be easily legible. 

List the Value Proposition

Your landing page should highlight the value that you have to offer geared towards your specific audience. A great example of this is Lyft’s landing page encouraging drivers to sign up. They list the benefits of signing up such as “Keep Your Tips,” “Make More Money,” and “Best Community.” This example shows how a simple list is rather than a lengthy paragraph is a powerful way to gain interest from your audience. 

Include images or videos 

Visuals are necessary in order to compel readers and capture their attention. According to Wordstream, including a video on your landing page will increase conversions by up to 86%. Your visuals should be relevant to what your landing page has to offer. For instance, if you’re selling a product, include an image of it. If you are pitching a service, include a quick video that overviews the key features. 

Optimize your landing page forms

Your forms should balance asking for the necessary amount of information without asking for too many details and driving users away. When it comes to your form fields, more isn’t always better. One effective way to do this is to make some of your form fields optional. For instance, if a visitor only wants to include their name and email address, let them opt out of entering any further information such as their title, company name or address. Include a red asterisk next to the required fields so visitors can easily see that they have the option to opt-out of some fields.

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