Easy Tricks to Drive Traffic from Content Recommendations

When partnering with a content recommendation engine, you’re in the perfect position to drive high-quality traffic to your site. However, based on your data, you know some campaigns perform significantly better than others. How do you determine what components of a campaign are successful and what doesn’t connect with your audience? Optimization is key to testing out what performs the best for your audience.

Content Recommendation Engine vs. Traditional Online Advertising

“The average person sees more than 1,700 banner ads every month, and is more likely become a Navy SEAL than they are to click on one.” – Hubspot

“77 percent of all online display ads are never seen.” – ClickZ

“Only one percent of traffic to most stores is driven by ads.” – Conductor

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6 Tips For Creating The Most Killer Viral Gallery Content

Boom! You created the world’s next big viral content site. You have a great name, solid content, and enough server bandwidth to support the entire population of North America viewing your site concurrently. However, you don’t know how to structure your content pages for maximum user engagement.