Putting the Advertiser First

How Revcontent Puts The Advertiser First

Every company struggles with two essential goals: profit and client satisfaction. It’s no surprise that it’s very difficult to attain both because these goals are often at the expense of each other.

Take a Floridian pizza shop that claims they fly in their water, with low concentrations of calcium and magnesium, from New York so that their crust is superior to other local pizzerias. The cost of the water itself plus added shipping is extremely expensive, but customers leave happy, their bellies full of authentic pizza.

One day, the boss decides to cut back costs and switch to county water, which is reflected in the taste of the new pizza. Customer satisfaction declines, business slows, and the boss is left wondering if cutting costs was even worth it.

Revcontent, like other successful native advertising platforms, grappled with this same dilemma in relation to publisher revenue and advertiser experience.

“The more publishers, the better,” was the mantra of the company for the past five years, as business steadily grew. But at the end of the day, this onset of new publishers, some with questionable quality, took a toll on advertiser experience and takeaway.

They weren’t receiving the crème de la crème of premium traffic anymore, but an array of traffic from middle to lower tiered publishers as well. It was harder for these advertisers to achieve their return goals, while the company continued to scale up without issues.

In 2019, Revcontent made a decision that changed the course of the platform forever. The company’s executives agreed to strip away all lower-quality publishers from the network entirely.

This mass termination, which made the financial department cringe, was the wisest judgment call for the New Year. The platform could now stand on a backbone of high-quality publishers we were proud of, publishers that would yield traffic that always performed well for our advertisers.

Did it hurt the company? Of course it did.

We had to suffer the loss of an easy profit that came from the lower guys. But what we gained in return was far more valuable: the happy advertiser. The advertiser who praises high engagement, lower bounce rates, and better ROI. The advertiser that appreciates Revcontent’s standard for putting them and their experience with the platform, first.

After all, we wouldn’t be here without you.

And pizza made with New York water really does taste better than pinching a few dollars.

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