3 Ways Revcontent Maximizes Your ROI

Working with Revcontent is a content recommendation experience like no other. Revcontent powers 150 billion content recommendations per month, and while we’re not the largest network, our platform is second to none. The Revcontent Tech Team developed the most intuitive, transparent, and fully self-serve content recommendation platform on the market. With the ability for users to have real-time, full control over their campaigns, content, budgets, targeting and optimization strategies, we’re proud to offer so many ROI-maximizing strategies to our partners. 

Insanely Powerful Technology and Tools

Better RPMs and better performance are the heart of our network. The level of technology and tools available within our platform can make anyone feel like an advertising superstar.

Let’s start with the technology. The algorithm developed by the Revcontent team is smart. It utilizes thousands of data points to generate an intelligent solution to serve the most performance-maximizing content recommendations to users. This algorithm operates in real time, identifies the social and behavioral engagements of your audience, and is able to tailor the best content recommendation to meet their interests and needs. Tailored content = increased user engagement = better RPMs. It’s that simple.

Now the tools. The team at Revcontent has worked hard to create a platform that provides you with every tool in the kit. Here are few of the best:

  1. Audience Retargeting – As the only content recommendation network to offer audience retargeting, this industry-first, patent-pending tool is the first of its kind in content recommendation. A true game-changer, retargeting is considered one of the most effective conversion tools, and Revcontent Audience Targeting is specifically designed to retarget users that have interacted with your site in the past. With the main focus of increasing brand awareness and engagement, this tool is guaranteed to maximize revenue.
  2. Mobile Toaster – Revcontent Mobile Toaster is a solution created to help increase mobile overall performance and decrease mobile user abandonment. Revcontent Mobile Toaster is designed to pop-up on the screen, recommending content according to the user’s behaviors in a seamless way, and maintain a non-intrusive experience to the user’s scrolling behavior while on their mobile device.
  3. Widget Optimizer – This unique, proprietary tool allows partners to easily add or remove specific widgets from their boosts, allowing them to scale and maximize their campaigns. This customization tool either serves recommendations to those users who have engaged with specific widgets or excludes specific widgets that your audience is not engaging or responding to. The end result? A more targeted audience and a more engaged audience.

Full and Complete User Control

Our platform puts you in the driver’s seat. The Revcontent platform provides a level of control and transparency that is unparalleled in the industry. Our partners are able to dive deep into the details and data. With hypergranular targeting and optimization options, it’s a dream come true in the world of campaign development. The Revcontent platform allows for detailed advertiser bidding transparency, providing a bidding ecosystem that directly revolves around the brand and its users. This level of control and customization is a must to ensure your campaigns can reach their maximum revenue potential. In addition to bidding, partners have full control over optimization, allowing them to target campaigns and audiences for specific brand sites, specific site channels, specific topics, specific audiences, specific countries, and specific devices. This level of customizable detail brings the ability to scale campaigns and maximize revenue to an entirely new level.

Real-Time, Robust Reporting

For our partners, it’s invaluable to have this data at your fingertips and in real-time. Real-time reporting and analytics are not the standard within the industry, but we give our partners the ability to use this real-time data to drive informed business decisions. This type of reporting accessibility contributes to the success of any campaign, allowing you to maximize, optimize, and ramp up your RPMs. Delays in up-to-date, accurate data can kill your overall ROI. Our platform is agile and easily adaptive to optimization, and our partners can now feel empowered to leverage the right data, immediately.

The combination of these three critical elements puts our partners in the best position to maximize ROI and performance. Our goal is to always provide customized, exclusive features to our partners, so they maintain brand integrity while maximizing engagement, performance, and revenue. With premium technology, tools, reporting and user accessibility, we promise our partners we will always stay on the front lines of reimagining what’s possible.

Take a look at what our partners had to say in return.

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