How Revcontent Powers 100 Billion Content Recommendations

100 billion content recommendations a month is an astounding number.

A lot of people ask how we reached that number so quickly and how we continue to grow it every month.

100 billion content recommendations puts us in the top tier of native advertising networks. There are only three native ad networks that can generate these massive numbers. Considering that the other two platforms were founded several years before us, it’s pretty impressive.


We power 100 billion content recommendations a month by focusing on some basic principles that allow us to beat our competition again and again.

1. Performance

Very simply, we outperform top competitors. Our users see 2-3X higher RPMs using our platform. When they split test and compare the results, the numbers make their decision easy. They see increased engagement, higher CTRs, increased page views, and a more loyal audience.

2. Premium technology

Our machine learning algorithms make content recommendations based on the individual user. Our technology allows us to help publishers create better site usability and a better user experience. This reduces bounce rates, keeps engagement up, and leads to the ultimate conversion: a loyal audience.

It all relies on the backbone of our network, the technology behind our platform.

3. Selectivity

We will never be the network that boasts about working with 80,000 websites because we don’t think every site is created equal. Not every website can deliver the high-quality traffic we require and that is why we deny over 98% of the sites that apply to work with us. This allows us to ensure our network maintains the highest level of quality possible.

4. Dedicated customer service

To ensure our partners are continuously maximizing their revenue, our team is dedicated to work closely with each of our accounts, helping to optimize performance. Our reps are available 24/7 to provide expert support for every individual account. We believe in creating long-term relationships with our partners, so we focus on reaching lofty goals and being able to not only sustain these goals but to continue to exceed them..


Why do we care about powering 100 billion content recommendations a month? As a leader in native advertising, we know content recommendation is the future of generating revenue for your site. Powering 100 billion content recommendations makes us a powerful player.

First, our success means our partners are succeeding. Powering 100 billion content recommendations means our partners are successfully getting their content to a massive, high-quality audience. Their users are seeing more than cookie cutter widgets; they are seeing customized native solutions that enhance their experience and keep them coming back.

Being a leader in content recommendation means we are changing and shaping the future of the rapidly changing native advertising space. You can read a full press release on Yahoo Finance.


Powering 250 billion content recommendations per month, Revcontent is the fastest growing network and reaches 97% of US households, according to Quantcast. To learn more,  sign up or visit our website.

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