The First Domino: Apple’s IOS 14.5 and How It Affects App Advertisers

What Does iOS 14.5 Mean for Users? Today, Apple is releasing its long-awaited IOS 14.5 update, one of the most impactful updates Apple has ever released. Guaranteed to permanently shake up the advertising and publishing…

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Tommy Chong CBD Hits 533% Profitability on Revcontent Scaled Ad Spend

Leading CBD brand, Tommy Chong’s CBD, hits 533% profitability on scaled Revcontent ad spend with help of Brax’s third-party optimizer to manage thousands of dollars a day in budget.
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Three Founders Publishing Experiences Consecutive Record-Breaking Profit Days on Revcontent: Case Study

Three Founders Publishing shifted to buying direct on Revcontent, resulting in 10x conversions and consecutive record-breaking profit days.
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Revcontent Increases Revenue for Barstool Sports

Publishers are being faced with one of the toughest years in history. With privacy policies becoming more strict and cookies biting the dust, increasing revenue in such a volatile market can be a huge task. …