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7 Major Publisher Issues in 2020

Working with dozen’s of the world’s best publishers, we talk with our partners everyday on the overall challenges facing both their business and the overall 2020 media landscape. Here’s our take of 7 major issues that publishers face.

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Case Study: How Babbel Leverages Revcontent to Drive Over 50% of Their Content Marketing Revenue

“Within 3 months of working with Revcontent, they were driving over half our revenue from content marketing, bringing in more sales than the other platforms combined.” – SVP of Marketing at Babbel
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Niche Case Study: How One Advertiser Scaled From $0 to $5-8K in Daily Spend

One advertiser launched on Revcontent around May 2019. After struggling with a few issues that caused them to spend $0 a day, he’s now spending between $5-8K a day in profitable traffic.
Case Studies

CoinDesk chooses Revcontent to monetize 1000% traffic growth

This past year, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency took the world by storm when the value grew by over 1200 percent in just one year. As people scrambled to learn about this hot market, websites like CoinDesk…