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Last week, our team traveled yet again to NYC for Digiday’s WTF Native Advertising, a one day deep-dive into the world of native advertising. Attended by some of the largest publishing brands in the world, Revcontent CEO and Founder, John Lemp, spoke on the importance of user experience. Native publishing is about connecting with your audience, and with Revcontent, you don’t have to choose between user experience and revenue.

Lemp began with, “Your current setup is destroying your relationship with your users. The way you are building relationships with new potential users using Native/Content Recommendation is wrong.”

Other networks want you to believe you should buy traffic blindly. We want you to know you can powerfully re-engage the users who have directly interacted with your brand and site. Other networks also want you to believe blind buying with no transparency is “the future” of native advertising. We want you to know your brand will always come before ours, which is why we offer 100% bidding transparency. Lemp spoke to the importance of realizing not all content recommendation companies are equal, and the right partner places emphasis on how your users interact with your site.

Sir Robin Miller, Former Chief of EMAP, the largest media company in the world, said, “Revcontent is at the forefront of a fundamental shift in digital publishing,” and we plan on continuing our dominance of reimagining native advertising.


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Founder of Revcontent, and CEO until 2018, John Lemp is an entrepreneur who built two internet companies from the ground up into multi-million dollar businesses, and all with $0 in funding. John graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. In 2013, John Founded Revcontent, a content recommendation network. Revcontent grew into one of the largest Native and Content Recommendation companies in the world, powering over 250 Billion Content Recommendations per month.

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