Revcontent Hiring Up 200% Increase From 2016

When Revcontent was founded, we were a small team working to build a company from the ground up. Since then, we’ve been humbled to work alongside some of the biggest media brands in the world and also become the world’s largest content recommendation network.

Powering Our Mission of a Personalized Web With 200% Hiring Increase

We started with a mission of powering a personalized discovery experience and giving publishers the tools to empower their own voices.

With this mission, we knew we needed the right, brilliant team members to be courageous, take risks, and not be afraid to fail fast. Over the years, we’ve been blessed to find those key family members at the right time, bringing unique and talented people into our family.

2016 was a record year of hiring for us with acquiring a London-based company and opening our UK headquarters. This expansion allowed us to continue innovating, creating new, customizable

In July of 2017, we’ve already doubled our hiring from last year. 

We now have over 150 employees around the world in the US, UK, India, and Canada.

The exponential growth we’ve seen in new hires at Revcontent reflects our commitment to building the most talented and passionate teams in our industry. The fact that we’ve been able to expand our company at this rate while remaining a private bootstrapped company is rarely seen, ” said Peter Varga, Director of Corporate Development.

Our Growth Means Our Partners Are Growing

Our growth means our partners are growing and using the technology to succeed and build relationships with their users.

This year, we also hit a reach of 97% of US households, according to Quantcast. Our partners are able to leverage this massive reach on a daily basis, connecting with users all over the world and building direct relationships with their audience.

For more information on working at Revcontent, check out our open jobs. You can also see what a day in the life at Revcontent looks like in our #RevcontentLife video.

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Founder of Revcontent, and CEO until 2018, John Lemp is an entrepreneur who built two internet companies from the ground up into multi-million dollar businesses, and all with $0 in funding. John graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. In 2013, John Founded Revcontent, a content recommendation network. Revcontent grew into one of the largest Native and Content Recommendation companies in the world, powering over 250 Billion Content Recommendations per month.

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