Revcontent CEO, John Lemp, Featured in Forbes

“Since we started Revcontent, we have always remained focused on providing a better user-experience to people,” John Lemp said. “Machine learning plays a huge role delivering more relevant content to people. When we deliver more content to people based on their interests, they enjoy their experience more and our advertiser and publisher partners enjoy the revenue growth that comes with that level of engagement.”

“And Lemp pointed out that Revcontent’s personalization engine is over three times more granular than Facebook and other competitors. He pointed out that Facebook has around 800 interests for targeting compared to Revcontent’s 3,000 data points.”


“Lemp and Revcontent are also viewed as leaders in the content recommendation industry. And Lemp hinted at several new pieces of technology in the pipeline that they are testing with media partners, which promises to continue revolutionizing native advertising.”


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Founder of Revcontent, and CEO until 2018, John Lemp is an entrepreneur who built two internet companies from the ground up into multi-million dollar businesses, and all with $0 in funding. John graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. In 2013, John Founded Revcontent, a content recommendation network. Revcontent grew into one of the largest Native and Content Recommendation companies in the world, powering over 250 Billion Content Recommendations per month.

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