Event Wrap Up: Revcontent Technology Team Travels to Amazon Re:invent

revcontent amazon reinvent

Last week, three members of the Revcontent Technology team traveled to Las Vegas for Amazon Re:invent, the largest cloud computing conference in the world, and a mecca for developers and engineers, system administrators, systems architects, and technical decision makers.

With over 250 sessions on cloud architecture, continuous deployment, monitoring & management, performance, security, migration, and more, the Revcontent team joined in as leading experts on these topics and came away with deeper knowledge of core AWS services such as Amazon EC2, VPCs, S3, Redshift, DynamoDB, Spark/Hadoop, and learned about exciting new services such as the EC2 Container Service, AWS Lambda, Aurora, Quicksight Analytics, and Kinesis Firehose.

Revcontent’s cloud-based engineering is a critical part of our technology infrastructure that is modeled on the concepts of control, automation, elasticity and global extensibility. By leveraging Amazon’s Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) platform, Revcontent is able to rapidly deploy clusters of servers across the U.S., in Europe and in the Asia Pacific Rim. We are able to do this dynamically, expanding and shrinking our servers farms on demand as traffic fluctuates, and we are able to do this with a high degree of control and automation, thanks to the programming skills of our tearevcontent amazon reinventms and the great set of tools provided by Amazon.

Presley Acuna, Director of Cloud Engineering at Revcontent, said, “Gaining maximum leverage and nimbleness in the way we develop and deploy software and technology is essential to our strategic plan to become an industry leader.” Amazon’s suite of IAAS tools and products enable us to focus on our core competencies, leaving the overhead of maintaining static, physical data centers, managing complex networks, performing asset management, and so forth to a minimum.


revcontent amazon reinvent

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Founder of Revcontent, and CEO until 2018, John Lemp is an entrepreneur who built two internet companies from the ground up into multi-million dollar businesses, and all with $0 in funding. John graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. In 2013, John Founded Revcontent, a content recommendation network. Revcontent grew into one of the largest Native and Content Recommendation companies in the world, powering over 250 Billion Content Recommendations per month.

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