Engage.Im – Introducing the World’s First Open Social Platform

In a world where media publishers are increasingly dependent on social networks to share content and grow audiences, it is more important than ever to deliver an open web based through a personalized content discovery experience.


Introducing, engage.im.


Engage.im is a patent pending publisher hosted social platform utilizing proprietary technology incubated for over three years at Revcontent and distributed in the world’s first truly open feed. The infinite scroll feed is meant to enable micro-communities to grow and communicate within a publisher’s site.


By utilizing engage, publishers are able to recirculate additional content to their audience, increase the amount of time on site and grow revenue through more personalized content.


“Traffic from Engage.im performs at 531 percent higher average time on site than social, resulting in a significantly improved user experience and better engagement with our content. We are seeing a 4-5X increase in engagement before personalization and up to 11X after users personalize their content. This is a major gamechanger for media publishers that care about their users,” said Dev Pragad, CEO of Newsweek Media Group.


All of this at no cost to publishers with no requirement for advertising integration. Engage is truly an open social content discovery platform that allows users to build deeper, more meaningful connections with the world’s top media publishers and brands.


Engage.IM’s data driven instant personalization technology gives users a completely customized web experience with deep data interest profiles and no dimensional constraints. Through the predictive algorithms, over 30 million signals are used to identify specific recommendations for users, allowing the feed to deliver the right content at the right time.


Engage’s user interest graph technology is 3X more granular than Facebook, with over 3,000 deep user interest segments, influenced by current trends in user behaviors and content consumption. The data-driven infinite scroll allows users to discover engaging content such as related videos, articles, products and more.



User signups are driven by the engagement provided with personalized content recommendations and interactive tools such as reactions, comments, and bookmarks.


In beta tests top media publishers, our partners have seen 30X user signups, 4-5X increase in engagement before personalization and an 10-11X after personalization. The increase in engagement has also yielded a 2-3X increase in revenue when using the internal content feed below their articles.


Sites that sign up will be able to use their own branding and will have access to advanced user graph data within the platform, including user signup data, interest graphs, reactions, bookmarks, comments and cluster data.


Engage.IM works with most major content management systems, from WordPress to custom systems, and is compatible with most monetization partners, including Revcontent, AppNexus, and Criteo.


For media publishers looking to grow revenue and better engage their readers on their own site should sign up to be invited to the world’s first truly open feed for personalized content discovery and engagement at http://engage.im/.

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