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Deep Dive into Revcontent’s Parental Control Feature

With the launch of Revcontent Personal Web, users have the unique ability to choose exactly what they’re interested in. As the first content recommendation network to truly place control back with the user, we’re excited for our partners to be able to connect with their audiences and build relationships.

Users also have the ability to turn Revcontent Parental Controls ON, meaning they will only see family-safe content. If a user has parental controls enabled, any content deemed unsuitable for children is automatically filtered out for all Revcontent recommendations, giving you and your family a safe web experience across all devices.

“Revcontent Personal Web is a unique and flexible feature that I’m excited about. It’s worked seamlessly and is technology that has great upside for publishers,” said David Park, VP of Business Development & Innovation at Bauer Xcel Media, long-term strategic partner of Revcontent.

You can see it live on Forbes, Newsweek, or any other of our premium publishers, and check out our official press release here.


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Powering 250 billion content recommendations per month, Revcontent is the fastest growing content recommendation network and reaches 97% of US households, according to Quantcast. To learn more about Revcontent’s Parental Control Feature, sign up or visit our website.  

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